Oliver Bergner ETUIBAU

... handgefertigt für Ihr Instrument - made in Germany

Information us is very important

The worldwide consumption of resources is constantly and rapidly increasing.

The outcome is an ever-increasing pollution and growing mountains of waste.

We have to be careful with our natural resources and redurce the amounts of waste. May be we can achieve that the tracks of the subsequent generations in our waste are not too deep. But we can only achieves this aim by manufacturing long-lasting, low-maintenance, and high-quality products.

We think it is inevitable to reflect on the many everyday commodities that pollute the environment due to their long transport distances. The short life span of many products, that was involved, and that it becomes necessary to re-buy them after short time are a cycle (buy - unpack - discard), which needs to be broken. It is a matter of particular concern for us to contribute to a sustainable production and to provide our customers with quality instead of mass products.

We want to get away from the throw-away mentality and we know from many of our customers that they want that too.

Erlbach in June 2006